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We are excited to announce adding new amazing feature to our NG-IPCC contact center. Auto Call Back feature lets NG-IPCC to manage all your missed calls and call back them in appropriate timing when agents are idle.

With this feature, NG-IPCC manages outgoing calls automatically along missed contacts. When there isn’t any call in waiting queue and agents are idle system just starts working on missed or any other admin specified calls as a call back. There are plenty of complex configurations that assist administrators to control NG-IPCC’s behavior but the most important one is minimum idle agents before call back process kicks in. With all these features agents should not worry about handling incoming or outgoing calls while NG-IPCC manages them intelligently.

This call-back feature would not stop the agent to manually choose a specific call from the list of missed calls while navigating his panel. All details of the call are clearly at his finger tip. NG-IPCC automatically manages the call an agent dials through click to call function, it will be removed from missed calls so auto call-back will also give up this contact.

All these features help NG-IPCC to be more efficient and any contact center to reach higher SLA and customer satisfaction.

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