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2018 has passed quickly, but will always remain in our memories of the lessons we have learned from failures and successes. In this year we have tried to do our best for customers, resellers, integrators and finally suppliers, make a value add for every stake holder; although we were lacking in this.

We want to thank you for your trust in us and support that made each of our years so far and hope next year would be a wonderful one for all too. We congratulate it in advance!

We are excited to announce adding new amazing feature to our NG-IPCC contact center. Auto Call Back feature lets NG-IPCC to manage all your missed calls and call back them in appropriate timing when agents are idle.

With this feature, NG-IPCC manages outgoing calls automatically along missed contacts. When there isn’t any call in waiting queue and agents are idle system just starts working on missed or any other admin specified calls as a call back ...

For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2018, Sangoma sales were a record high at $17.54 million, 128% higher than the same quarter last year and 8% over the immediately preceding quarter. For the full year, revenue was $57.36 million, the highest in Sangoma’s history and 113% above last year. These figures are all without any impact from the company’s most recently completed acquisition of Digium Inc., completed after the end of the 2018 fiscal year ...

Over the last week, Grandstream has released the newest door phone built for users looking for an audio-only facility access and security monitoring, this product can be deployed in any environment. It has a built-in keypad and RFID chip reader for keyless entry, and is weatherproof through zinc alloy metal casing ...

Mobility decline is common among elderly and causes lots of problem for them. Door answering is one of those actions. They might fall when walking in a hurry to open the door or the visitors leave before they get to open the door. To make this part of life easier for old people, Akuvox comes up with smart ways that enable the telecare pendant to open doors in addition to making alarm calls. ...

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