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 FreePBX 15 is more focused loyal customers wish list, Sangoma started reimplementing items to address community expectation on some current features instead of just adding a bunch of new features. The most important item in the list of feature for FreePBX 15 is a new version of backup and restore. It’s redesigned in FreePBX 15 to enable restore between major versions, for example you can simply backup a FreePBX 14 and restore it on a FreePBX 15, It’s amazing and truly one of the most asked features in FreePBX.


In the new backup & restore of FreePBX 15, instead of trying to group all data together in backup & restore each module is now responsible for its own data during the backup and restore process.

The second most important feature added to FreePBX 15 is FreePBX API (Application Programming Interface). FreePBX team have completed about 10 modules using the new built-in API, powered by GraphQL with more planned soon. So now FreePBX connectivity support two different API, Restful and GraphQL.


How to get FreePBX 15?

In the past, FreePBX team has traditionally released an ISO and asked everyone to download and install for testing. However, they are taking a different approach this year with the hopes that it’s easier for you to test and provide feedback on the new functionality. This year they are releasing a version upgrade module but not through their traditional methods. Usually they release the version upgrade module via module admin, when they release their release candidates allowing customers to upgrade from the previous version, as they feel the product is close to its final release. This year they are releasing the version upgrade module at the link below which users can manually choose to download, upload and install to move to 15 and not wait for FreePBX 15 to be released as a Release Candidate. Once FreePBX 15 is closer to an RC they will publish new ISOs and move the version upgrader into the module admin system in FreePBX.

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