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Sangoma has released the new member of IP-PBX products, FreePBX/PBXact 1200. FreePBX 1200 and PBXact 1200 are different in number of users and concurrent calls in comparison to FreePBX 1000 and PBXact 1000. This model supports up to 1200 users and can handle up to 350 concurrent calls.

The new models are ready for shipment and you can put the order with same price as FreePBX 1000 and PBXact 1000.


Some vendors will reduce the feature set of their new model to keep costs low. But what good is that if the customer gets less features in return for the same price? Especially when the price of technology goes down with time, vendors should be able to put that extra savings into delivering more value for the customer. With this approach, Sangoma release the new models.

With the new appliances, all the end user features are the same as previous models, allowing you to get more value with the additional capacity. And we also include dual PSU with every appliance at no extra cost!

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